How do I pair my BTunes with my VXT-100 transmitter?

To pair your BTunes to the VXT-100 you need to put both of the devices into pairing mode. For the VXT-100 you need to turn it off first, and then hold the power button down for around 6 seconds until the led is flashing red and blue. For the BTunes you need to first turn it off, and then hold the multi-functional button down for around 6 seconds until the led is flashing red and blue as well. When both devices are in pairing mode they should connect to each other.

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    I have tried this but the btunes will not connect to the VXT-100. Both are flashing red and blue but nothing ever happens. Is there a certain way these need to be near each other to utilize the NFC chip in the btunes? 

    Things I have tried so far:

    • Hold down MF button until off, keep holding until purple light indicates device reset. Did this for the VXT-100 and the btunes.
    • Iphone bluetooth settings, forget this device.
    • Put the btunes and VXT-100 in pairing mode simultaneously

    I primarily use the btunes with the VXT-100 connected to my TV.  Sometimes I will use the btunes with my iphone. It still connects to my iphone, but will not reconnect to the VXT-100 transmitter anymore.

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    I figured it out. You do need to hold the NFC chip on the tip of the btunes to the center of the VXT-100 for them to connect while both are in pairing mode.

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