How to connect BTunes to my bluetooth enabled device

First, make sure your BTunes is correctly in pairing mode. Start by making sure your BTunes is powered off. If your BTunes is powered on you turn it off by holding down the Multi-function button (MFB) for 4 seconds. You will know the device is powered off when the led flashes red, if BTunes is connected to a set of headphones you will hear a voice saying "Power off". 

Next, hold down the MFB again for 5-6 seconds, this will turn on the BTunes and then will put it into pairing mode. The LED should first blink blue to indicate the BTunes powered on and then it should blink blue and red alternatively to indicate the BTunes has entered pairing mode. 

Now that the BTunes has entered pairing mode search on your bluetooth device for the BTunes and select it. If a password is necessary, enter "0000". 

Your device should now be paired with the BTunes. 

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