I have audio cuts/ bad quality when I play music with BTunes

Audio cuts can result from a variety of reasons. 

BTunes uses class 2 bluetooth technology to achieve a range of 30 feet (10m) between the transmitting device and BTunes before Audio starts cutting off/dropping. However, usage of the device indoors where attenuation of walls and signal fading due to signal reflections make the range lower. Obstacles between the transmitter and BTunes can also block the signal and lower the range. 


Bluetooth can also be subject to interference from other technology. A noted case is in the interference of USB3 with Bluetooth. The signal from the two technologies can interfere with each other and cause disruptions in audio. To solve this try to move any USB3 devices further away from the bluetooth transmitter and BTunes. 

For more information on USB3 interference try these websites:


Certain other devices that utilize radio frequencies can also disrupt bluetooth. If the device is close to other devices that use radio frequencies (such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, remote controls for electronics or lighting, or 802.11 wireless networks), those devices might be creating interference. Try moving the device that isn't working farther away from the other devices.


If you are using windows be sure to use the listening to music profile (A2DP) instead of making a call profile (HFP) for BTunes. The music profile provides high quality audio to your BTunes while making a call uses a worse audio signal that makes audio quality drop significantly for BTunes. You can see the choice in the attached screenshot. 


Reception of Bluetooth can be heavily influenced by surrounding environment. If your product offers stable streaming performance when phone and bluetooth device are in the same room, with no large objects blocking the line of sight, then your product is performing as specified. Please note that bluetooth cannot pass through your body. You should have your device on the same side of the antenna for the best connectivity performance. The antenna will be located on your left side.

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    David González García

    Windows 7 will not let me configure the Btunes profile (see screenshots below). Is there a driver to be installed? Could you please share a link and install instructions?

    In any case, the article's screenshot is not helpful. Could you please indicate how to access that menu?

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