How do I reset my BTunes?

If you would like to reset your BTunes to factory standards please follow these instructions: 

1. Make sure your BTunes is turned on. 

2. Hold the Multifunction button down. 

3. After the red led flashes indicating the unit has powered off continue holding down the button (don't let go). 

4. After a few seconds the led will flash purple indicating the unit has been reset. 


Note: If you do reset your BTunes you will have to go to all devices previously paired with BTunes and forget the previous pairings. If you do not do this then BTunes will not be able to pair with those devices. 

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    If you mean the power button, I am stuck in a loop saying "transfer audio" and it wont turn off

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    Is there an available firmware update for the btunes? and the VXT-100 transmitter?

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    Willem Coetsee

    This procedure does not seem to work at all. I don't get a purple light and no reset that I can tell.

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