How to pair your TV headphones

If your headphone and transmitter become unpaired for any reason please follow these steps to pair them again: 


1. Make sure the transmitter and headphones are both turned off. This means unplugging the transmitter from the power source for the first generation transmitter.

2. a. For first generation transmitter plug the power back in, the device should be in stand-by mode and flash blue and red slowly. After about 30 seconds of standby mode it will enter pairing mode where the LED flashes blue and red rapidly. 

b. For 2nd generation transmitter slide the power switch to the rightmost position, under the bluetooth symbol. Hold the switch there until all the LEDs in the transmitter starts to flash on/off indicating it is in pairing mode. 

3. Press the power button for the headphones until the LED on the headphone starts flashing red & blue indicating it is in pairing mode. 

4. Hold the transmitter and headphones together until the red & blue flashing stops on both devices and they should be paired. 


If the headphone will not pair it may be necessary to reset the blue caster transmitter. To reset the transmitter please follow these steps: 

1. make sure the headphones are turned on. 
2. hold down on the multifunction button and the up volume button at the same time until the LED on the side flashes purple. The headphones should be reset.

To reset the transmitter please follow these steps: 
1) turn off the headphones 
2) plug in usb to supply power to the transmitter and wait for it to pass rapid flashes stage. 
3) (the tricky part) use the 3.5mm cable to plug into to the 3.5mm jack on the transmitter. 
3.1) pull the 3.5mm plug out, and 
3.2) within 2 seconds, plug in and plug it out; 
3.3) if successful, you'll see the indicator flashes rapidly with red and blue (it is in pairing mode). 
3.4) repeat 3.1 and 3.2 if not successful. 

Next, press and hold the multifunction button while the headphones are off until the headphones turn on and the LED flashes red/blue indicating it is in pairing mode. Hold the headphones and the transmitter together and they should pair and the device should work again.


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