While BTunes is Connected to Two Devices I Get Bad Signal Quality/A Large Amount of Signal Dropout

When BTunes is connected to two devices at once sometimes they can interfere with each other making signal quality much worse than what it should be. 

To resolve this issue disconnect BTunes from the device you are not using to stream audio at the time. For small transmitters simply turn off that transmitter. For phones/tablets/PCs go to the bluetooth options, look for the BTunes under devices and select disconnect. This will disconnect that device from BTunes 

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    Domonic Scism

    This sounds like a bug not a fix.

    Many times when I'm connected to my computer and my phone at the same time and I get a phone call, the call quality is very choppy and digitized.

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    Team VOXOA

    Hello Domonic, 

    This is a case of different bluetooth profiles being used by your computer/phone for different processes. When you are streaming music the computer/phone uses the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) profile of bluetooth to send the signal to BTunes. This profile is specifically made for music playback and gives high quality audio info for BTunes to receive and play on your headphones.

    However, when you are on a phone call or using the microphone to talk in a game the computer switches to the HFP (hands free profile) of bluetooth and this profile carries significantly lower quality audio information to BTunes and also only carries Mono audio. With usage of this profile sound quality will be bad with any bluetooth receivers so while this profile is effective for making calls it is not good with sending high quality audio.

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    Domonic Scism

    I can understand the different data transfer modes and that makes sense. This is not just lower quality audio, this is unusable audio. I can't make out what the person on the phone call is saying. 

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    Daniel Magnet


    I have exactly the same problem as the one described by Domonic... furthermore when I use another BT transmitter ( samsung) with the same headphone QC25 I do not have these distorsions when making a call 


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