Setting up correct playback and communication device in Windows 10

If you are using BTunes with windows 10 and you are not getting high quality audio, a lot of drops in the signal, or if the microphone does not pick up your voice during a call please follow these steps to setup correct playback and communications settings in Windows 10. 

1. Right click on the speaker icon in the notification area of your start bar. The icon should be in the lower right of the desktop. 

2. In the menu that appears click on playback devices. 

3. When the sound menu pops up make sure the playback tab is selected. 

4. Under the devices listed make sure that the BTunes Headset profile is selected as default playback device. This will make sure the BTunes gets high quality audio and strong signal strength during normal audio playback. 

5. Select the BTunes headset profile, then next to the button for set default click on the downward facing arrow. This should open another menu with Default Device and Default Communication Device shown. Select default communication device for the BTunes headset profile. This will make sure when you are in a a call the microphone for the BTunes will be picking up your voice and the sound will be transferred to your headphones. 

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    Douglas Mort

    It is important to note that if you do not see the option for Default Communication Device that the device may already be selected as default device as well. To fix this make your make your non headset device default and go back to the headset profile and you should have the ability to select Default Communication Device. This article is helpful for people who may use the Skype programs, Either the personal version or the business version. When the default communication device is activated (turned on) it will help facilitate automatic profile switch both in the computer settings and application settings. I was having quite some difficulties getting a Btunes product working correctly at first with the computer and skype and this was the root of the issue. Also note that you may need to go to the headset profile under recording and ensure the mic portion is boosted to ensure proper audio is being picked up for your phone calls.

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